FAP Plasmatechnik FAP Forschungs- und Applikationslabor Plasmatechnik GmbH Dresden

Assembly and test area

High purity gas delivery and waste gas abatement system

Clean rooms for substrate cleaning and layer analysis as well as assembly and repair of processing equipment
Plants for technology development as well as job coating for flat and coaxial substrates PECVD, plasma polymerization and plasma etching
Software for RF computer simulations of reactors and power feeding lines
Measuring equipment and power supplies • RF / VHF measuring instruments
• RF / VHF power supply up to 100 MHz
• Optical emissions spectroscopy
• Temperature array sensor
• Vacuum measuring instruments
Thin film analysis Photoelectrical thin film parameter, electrophotographic layer
properties, Layer thickness, wear, contact angle
Service equipment • Repair, cleaning and calibration
  of mass flow controllers,
• Repair and calibration of low,
  medium, high frequency and very
  high frequency power supplies
• Repair and calibration of high
  frequency matching networks


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