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PECVD system for wafer HP 200


• VHF PECVD of Si alloys at up to 450 °C
• Wafer diameter 200 mm
• R&D and pilot production


• To be integrated into a cluster tool
• Stainless steel process chamber, metal sealed
• VHF electrode assembly with gas shower head and low loss power 
  feeding system and power supply
• Electrode distance adjustable to match process requirements by
  substrate electrode lift system
• Substrate electrode with heater, optional with RF power supply
• Mass flow controlled gas delivery system, integrated into a gas box
• Hydrocarbon-free fore and high-vacuum pumping system
• ICP control
• In situ inspection by OES or ellipsometry


• RF/VHF-PECVD, thermally assisted: a-Si:H, µc-Si, Si alloys
• Gas phase doping by B2H6, PH3; TEB; TMB; TMP
• Reactor cleaning: Fluorine based etching
• Film thickness non-uniformity < ± 5 %

Technical Data
Substrate dimension Ø 200 mm, Ø 150 mm optional
VHF/RF power supply 13.56 MHz - 80 MHz, 600 W
Substrate heater temperature <= 600 oC
Chamber Stainless steel
Electrode distance 10 - 50 mm
Operation pressure 0.05 - 5 mbar
Vacuum pump Wide range turbopump and dry fore pump
PECVD and etching gases SiH4, NF3, …


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