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VHF plasma polymerisation electrode assembly VPE 200 RC


• Roll to roll processing, substrate width
  200 mm
• VHF high rate PECVD and
• R&D and production


• To be integrated into a roll coater system
• Reactor inside the vacuum chamber
• Plasma confinement
• VHF-electrode with gas line shower head, integrated exhaust system
  and low loss power feeding
• Substrate electrode: Drum electrically grounded
• VHF power supply with automatic matching network
• Hydrogen-free fore and high-vacuum pumping system optional
• Mass flow controlled gas delivery system optional


• VHF-PECVD: SiC(N,O):H, polymers
• Film non-uniformity < ± 3 %
• VHF-PECVD: SiNx, other Si alloys

Technical Data

Substrate width up to 200 mm
Electrode assembly dimensions WxLxH approx.375 mm x 500 mm x 200 mm
VHF power supply 13.56 or 60 MHz, 600 W
Substrate temperature up to 300 °C
Electrode distance, adjustable 20 - 120 mm
Operation pressure 0.05 - 5 mbar
PECVD and plasma polymerisation gases HMDS, N2, O2, ….


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