Gas Measurement & Control Technology

For coating, etching and various thin-film systems in the semiconductor industry, sensor, display and solar production as well as the chemical industry and research and development, we offer various components and services for gas and ultra-pure gas technology.


the company Proterial and brands Hitachi/Aera (other types on request)

Specifications/data sheets MFC

MFC Hitachi - AERA
MFC Hitachi - SAM

Evaporator systems

PrecursorsTEOS (400sccm max.) 3DMAS (500sccm max.) HCD (500sccm max.) TICL4 (500sccm max.) TMA, Al(CH3)3BTBAS (400sccm max)TEOS (1.6 SLM max)
Systems are available on request.

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